Restore Joy to Your Life


This easy-to-read booklet offers 28 suggestions for renewing your mind. Life is way too short to live a joyless existence, so I want you to live life to the full.

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Everyone gets in a slump from time to time.

However, I spent years experiencing little joy in my life. It seemed that I was buried under a never-ending pile of problems.

Have you ever watched a football player fumble a ball?

One hefty player after another piles on. The weight at the bottom must be crushing.

After a while, your problems can feel the same way. When you are in that type of situation, it is hard to find any joy in your life.

This booklet is written from a Christian perspective. In it, you’ll find some Bible quotes. However, the information is designed to help anyone find more joy in their lives.

I’ll try not to preach, but just know that I found joy when I found faith. And I experienced more joy when I implemented these suggestions

The list is compiled from my own experiences and those of people I know.

I conducted some research on what has worked for others as well, and I’ve pored over journals I’ve written and notes I have gathered over the years.

My goal has been to create a booklet that is easy-to-read without overwhelming you with information.

My hope is that you’ll find value in at least one of these suggestions. Life is way too short to live a joyless existence, so I want you to live your life to the full.

I suspect you want that, too.

Author and founder of Forward From 50

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