Tailor using a sewing machine - Photo by Omar Alrawi on Unsplash

62-year-old discovers market for modified vintage clothing

go-getters Oct 23, 2022

London resident Herbie Mensah was a self-admitted shopaholic who had accumulated a vast collection of designer clothing over the years, but the items were stashed in closets because they needed repair.

“It was good-quality, designer labels. But it had holes. I really didn’t want to throw it away, so I thought: ‘Experiment. Do something different,’” he told the Guardian newspaper.

Now 62, the former social worker has returned to his first love by retailing clothing at a local market. While he is busy designing, Herbie's wife tends to the business aspect of selling his creations.

Sometimes Herbie stays up all night to work on a design. "I can work for 24 hours and it will feel like five minutes," he told the paper. That's what often happens when you discover your purpose and diligently pursue it.

Herbie described his customers as an eclectic mix, from teenagers to people in their 70s, including models, singers, artists and pop stars. In addition to creating clothing, he also serves as a model.

Working creatively is like a breath of fresh air that keeps you going and keeps you alive, he explained.

To see samples of Herbie's creations, visit www.herbiemensahvintagelondon.com.

To read the full story, visit www.theguardian.com.

Photo by Omar Alrawi on Unsplash

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